Tuesday, September 4, 2012

When Life Hands Me Lemons

I have come to realize that when life hands me lemons, I tend to throw them down the garbage disposal and eat everything in sight.

But seriously, I have a hard time keeping up a routine when times get tough.  And let me tell you, things have been tough the last couple of weeks.  I have made some of the best memories and had some amazing times, but everything has a giant cloud hanging over it.  I would prefer not to re-hash everything right here, right now, but it will all come out in time.

I am back on the proverbial wagon once again.  I only took a small break, and didn't give in completely, but I did gain 3 pounds of the 13 I'd lost back.  I need to keep in mind that I have a competition going on here between me, Michelle, and Tammi.  We have a bet going to see who can lose the most percentage in 3 months.  Also, dirty thirty (which I would like to call Purty Thirty) is right around the corner.  I am making a goal for myself here and now to lose 30 pounds by the time I turn 30 in January.  I plan to never find those thirty pounds again!!!

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